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About us

PROCOLCACAO is formally constituted in the city of Bogota – Colombia in September 2011 Because we are sure that a small seed can change the reality of an entire community, as demonstrated by the families who found an opportunity in CACAO to improve their income. We have achieved with the cacao producers who have been working with us, improving the product through the application of good post-harvest practices, recognizing a fair price; In this way we respond to the demanding needs of the international market by sending PREMIUM BEANS AND PRODUCTS of excellent quality.


THE FARMER is the most valuable asset, thanks to the good work he does in his farm, we can have QUALITY in all our processes.

At present it participates successfully in the national and international market of cacao offering a premium quality product, from which it has managed to select buyers who recognize the quality and pay differentiated prices that are in favor of the producer.