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According to Law 67 of 1983, all producers must pay a Cacao Development Fee corresponding to three percent (3%) on the sale price per kilogram traded. The settlement of the Cocoa Development Fee is based on the price of each transaction. The National Federation of Cocoa Growers collects this tax.

PROCOLCACAO, as effective trading partner of producer organizations, assumes promoting share on behalf of producers, so that they do not suffer their income undiminished.

Promotion fee must return to the producer through the National Federation of Cacao Growers as training services, research and technology. PROCOLCACAO gives not only an effective return of this 3% for the producer, but anticipate consulting services to growers to offers the opportunity to improve their productive performance and increase their revenues.

Through this action PROCOLCACAO responds directly to the mission and purpose of the enterprise social business plan.

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08 May 2017

La Chucula

See our video La Chucula

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15 Apr 2016


PROCOLCACAO approaches its third year of age. The company was formally established in Bogota – Colombia in September 2011, the impetus and entrepreneurship of some people dedicated to the study and understanding of the cultivation, harvesting, processing and marketing of cocoa in Colombia and the world. With this effort PROCOLCACAO has begun a lasting relationship[…..]

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15 Mar 2016


PROCOLCACAO successfully participates in the Macrorueda 50 called by PROEXPORT for the export sector of Colombia. The company is part of a list of nearly 2,500 exporters within which occupies privileged position within food exporters, particularly cocoa and derived products. PROCOLCACAO agendo in the macro a total of 18 business meetings with foreign buyers from[…..]

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15 Feb 2016

Cocoa Recipes: Cupcakes vanilla and cocoa cream

Recipe cupcakes with buttercream vanilla cocoa. Recipe blog repostera Alma Obregon Cupcake Objective perfect. For this recipe we need oil, eggs, flour, sugar, yeast, milk, vanilla, icing sugar, butter, cocoa butter and chocolate vermicelli

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15 Jan 2016

Recetas de Cacao: Cupcakes de vainilla y crema de cacao

Receta de cupcakes de vainilla con buttercream de cacao. Receta de la repostera Alma Obregón del blog Objetivo Cupcake perfecto. Para esta receta necesitamos aceite, huevos, harina, azúcar, levadura, leche, vainilla, icing sugar, mantequilla, crema de cacao y fideos de chocolate